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Karim Cheurfi.

ISIS claimed that the shooter on the Champs Elysees was Abu Yousef al-Belgiki (Abu Yousef the Belgian).

However, the suspect who was shot dead, Karim Cheurfi, is French and not Belgian.

ISIS declared the wrong man did the Champs Elysees attack.

Did the security services have to change their story when the media discovered that the alleged shooter was French?

The scene of the attack.

The official story is that the shooter ran off and was later shot dead.

However, a witness called Chelloug said of the alleged shooter: "As soon as the policeman opened the door of the van, he fell."


The police vehicle (left) shows no obvious signs of damage.

Alleged attacker Karim Cheurfi aka Abu Yusuf al-Baljiki.

On 20 April 2017, on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, three police officers were reportedly shot by an attacker wielding a Kalashnikov rifle.

One police officer reportedly died.

The CIA's ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, which may be designed to help Marine Le Pen, who reportedly has connections to Mossad.

Paris attack could help Marine Le Pen - / Rita Katz  on Twitter.

The alleged attacker, Karim Cheurfi, did not attend formal mosque prayer services.


Lawyer Jean-Laurent Panier said Cheurfi never spoke about religion.


A video of 'Muslims Celebrating the Paris Terror Attack' is Totally Fake.

A note expressing support for Isis, found near the body of the alleged gunman, is almost certainly a fake, planted by the security services.

Police found a note that apparently fell from Cheurfi's pocket praising ISIS.


The reportedly dead policeman, Xavier Jugelé, was one of the hundreds of officers deployed to the Bataclan 'massacre' in Paris. 

Fr Aidan Troy suggests that the police were prepared for the Champs elysees attack?

Fr Troy said security was very visible in the area before the attack.

"I was going over to the school where I'm chaplain and I have never seen so many police, police checks - people being pulled in in motor cars," he said.

"I really got a sense there was something in the air."


According to reports:

At around 9pm, a car, an Audi, pulled up next to a police van, which was stopped at a red light. 

A man got out of the Audi and started firing into the van.

The shooter then attempted to flee the scene on foot, but was shot and killed by other responding officers. [6][9]

Investigators initially said the incident may have been related to a robbery [12].

However, an anti-terror investigation was later launched.[5]

According to France 2 news, the shooter, Karim Cheurfi was taken into custody in February 2017.

Cheurfi was detained by the police, in Meaux, on 23 February 2017.

He was set free on 6 March 2017. 

He was apparently then able to get hold of a Kalashnikov, a pump action shotgun and several knives.


Champs-Élysées 20 April 2017.

The alleged attacker "had a criminal record for violent robberies and a shooting in 2001, in which he shot two police officers."

"He was in custody, when he shot the police officers in 2001."

"He was convicted of shooting the police officers in 2001 and sentenced to 20 years in prison, but was released early."

LEFT - Karim Cheurfi aka Abu Yusuf al-Baljiki. RIGHT - Youssef El Osri.

Associated Press has identified the attacker as 39-year-old French-born Karim Cheurfi.

After the shooting, an arrest warrant was issued for a second suspect who had arrived in France by train from Belgium.[19][20] 

The man was identified as Youssef El Osri.[21][22]

Karim Cheurfi, who was born in Livry-Gargan and lived in Chelles, Seine-et-Marne.

A witness, named Chelloug, told Sky News he heard six shots after a man armed with a Kalashnikov rifle parked his Audi behind a police vehicle.

"I thought they were firecrackers. In fact, he was hidden behind the van and shooting at the police. I think he hit a policeman. As soon as the policeman opened the door of the van, he fell," the witness said.

Witnesses reported seeing dozens of officers at the scene, while helicopters circled above.


The original Emmanuel Macron.

France is having an election (April-May 2017).

The candidates are:

Hamon and Sanders.

1. Benoît Hamon - Socialist Party. 

Hamon likes Bernie Sanders.

Hamon is a socialist.

Hamon supports a Palestinian state.


2. François Fillon - Republican party.

He is a wealthy conservative.

He is involved in a corruption scandal.

'Penelope-gate' is an investigation into whether Fillon's Welsh-born wife held a well-paid government job but didn’t actually work.

Fillon is a friend of Putin.

Le Pen and her lover Louis Aliot, whose grandfather was Jewish.

3. Marine Le Pen - National Front party.

She is very pro-Israel.

She likes Trump.

She blames Moslems for terrorism.

Macron (left)

4. Emmanuel Macron - En Marche! (Let's Go!) party.

He denies having a gay affair.

He is a multi-millionaire.

He has been compared to Tony Blair.

He is a former Rothschild banker.

"As the minister of economy, he facilitated the sale of big French companies to American corporations," Republicans party lawmaker Nicolas Dhuicq has said.

Ex-French Economy Minister Macron Could Be 'US Agent'.

Mathieu Gallet, with whom Macron is alleged to be having a gay affair.

France has a two-round system of voting. 

It has been predicted that Macron will win in the second round.

Emmanuel Macron (39) is alleged to be having a gay affair with Radio France boss Mathieu Gallet (40).

The French tend to be tolerant of 'affairs' and of 'bisexuality'.

Macron and Brigitte Trogneux, who is in her sixties.

Macron is married to Brigitte Trogneux who is 24 years older than him.

Trogneux has three children from a previous marriage.

When Macron was aged 15, Trogneux was his teacher at La Providence, a Jesuit high school in Amiens.

The Russian state news agency Sputnik has made allegations that Macron is backed by a gay lobby.

French MP Nicolas Dhuicq, of the conservative Republican Party, said of Macron: "Concerning his private life, it is becoming known….He is supported by a rich, gay lobby."

Read more: dailymail.

5. Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Mélenchon has called for the mass redistribution of wealth to rectify existing socioeconomic inequalities.[22] 

Domestic policies proposed by Mélenchon include a 100 per cent income tax on all French nationals earning over 360,000 Euros a year, full state reimbursement for healthcare costs, a reduction in presidential powers in favour of the legislature, and the easing of immigration laws.[23] 

He also supports the legalisation of cannabis.[24]

Mélenchon is an outspoken critic of the European Union (EU), which he claims has been corrupted through neoliberalism.[25] 

During his 2012 campaign, Mélenchon positioned himself against the trend towards economic globalisation, which he denounced as disproportionately profiting the financial industry and "high income earners" at the expense of the poor.[25] 

He insisted international organisations such as the EU threatened to "strangle the voice of the people".[26]

He also supports a renegotiation of European treaties.[27]

Mélenchon opposes the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), which he perceives as an affront to France's national sovereignty.[26] He has repeatedly called for France to withdraw from NATO.[26]

'Mossad agent' Roger Auque and his daughter Marion Maréchal Le Pen

Marion Maréchal Le Pen is a Front National (FN) member of the French parliament.

She is a granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, and a niece of Marine Le Pen.

Marion's birth father is Roger Auque, a spy and journalist who died in September 2014.[9]

Roger Auque was an agent of Mossad.

Roger Auque wrote In The Secret Service, in which he revealed that he had been a spy for Israel.

Révélations: Le père de Marion Maréchal-Le Pen . / The Israeli agent.

Roger Auque said: "The Israeli intelligence services paid me to complete certain missions, such as secret missions in Syria under the cover of a reporter."

The Israeli agent.

Marine Le Pen once said: "In matters of ballot stuffing, we could not do better than France." 

Marine Le Pen has blamed the false flag attacks in France on the enemies of Israel.

There is a belief that politicians such as Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen are pawns of Israel, and their job is to divert attention away from the fact that Israel is the bad guy.

Le Pen makes friends with the Jewish media.

Some of Marine Le Pen's European colleagues have formed alliances with, and visited, some Israeli settlers and groups.

Marine Le Pen says that her National Front party "has always been Zionistic and always defended Israel's right to exist".

International politics

Le Pen makes friends with Ron Proser, Israel's Permanent Representative to the UN

Marine Le Pen is not a 'conspiracy theorist'.

In a statement about the death of Osama bin Laden, she welcomed his "salutary elimination" and claimed that his execution was "a right and appropriate answer to the death of the victims in the 2011 Marrakech bombing".[242]

Quite rightly, Marine le Pen is opposed to the Nazi Islamists.

She has compared Muslims praying in the streets, outside overflowing mosques, to the occupation of France by the German Nazis. 

To be fair, Marine le Pen is better than Francois Hollande, who wanted to invade Syria, and Nicolas Sarkozy, who was reportedly financed by Gaddafi.

Pierrette, Yann, Marine, Jean-Marie et Marie-Caroline Le Pen.

Quite rightly, Marine le Pen is a bit of a Socialist.

Marine Le Pen is to the Left of the governing French socialist party in so far as she wants the state to run energy companies, financial services, the post office, hospitals, schools and transport.

The mother of Marine Le Pen was a Playboy bunny!

Marine Le Pen is a fan of Putin and Russia.

She wants to set up a 'privileged partnership' with Russia

She claims that a French-Russian partnership is necessitated by "obvious civilization and geostrategic factors" as well as France's "energy security interests". 

Le Pen supporters.

Quite rightly, Marine le Pen is opposed to:

Unlimited Free Trade, Globalisation, Corrupt bankers, The European Union, NATO, Support for US imperialism, The demonisation of Russia, Nuclear power, and large scale immigration.

Of course, Le Pen, if elected, might appoint a cabinet made up of people from Goldman Sachs and Exxon Mobil.

Marine's father, Jean-Marie, is a former paratrooper whose political supporters, unfortunately, included fans of Hitler.

Jean-Marie has described his daughter as an 'ideal physical specimen for this part of France'.

The Le Pen family are rich.

The main family home in Paris is a £5 million mansion on a private estate.


Le Pen and the 'Jewish Indonesian' Geert Wilders

Marine le Pen says that unlike the Netherlands' Geert Wilders, she is "not waging war against Islam".

She "is fighting the Islamisation of French society".

Geert Wilders, Dutch politician.

The Dutch populist Geert Wilder has 'Jewish-Indonesian' origins.



Jeremy Corbyn with his former agent Derek Sawyer, who has been linked to child abuse rings.

Gordon Rideout. Canon Gordon Rideout was the vicar of All Saints Church in Eastbourne for 25 years.

Thursday, 20 April 2017


On 20 April 2017, Mike Pence was in Jakarta, in Indonesia.

Pence to tour Indonesia's largest mosque.

On 20 April 2017, it was reported that Anies Baswedan is to become the Governor of Jakarta, and possibly the next president of Indonesia.

Religiously Tinged Election.

The spooky Anies Baswedan holds a PhD in Political Science from Northern Illinois University, and a Master of Public Policy degree in International Security and Economic Policy from University of Maryland School of Public Policy.

Above, we see Anies Baswedan (left) and his powerful backer, former General Prabowo Subianto.

Anies Baswedan (left)

US magazine Foreign Policy named Anies Baswedan as one of the top 100 public intellectuals in the world in May 2008 [1] and the World Economic Forum included him in the 2009 Young Global Leaders.

Anies Baswedanbelongs to the political party headed by General Prabowo Subianto.

Prabowo, 'the butcher of East Timor'.

Prabowo attended the Advanced Infantry Officers Course at Fort Benning, Ga., in 1985 and the Army Special Forces Training Course at Fort Bragg, N.C., in 1980. Washingtonpost

General Prabowo is another of the Pentagon's golden boys.

General Prabowo's late mother, Dora, was a Christian.

Prabowo graduated from The American School in London.[9]

Ahok aka Basuki Tjahaja Purnama - the Christian Chinese-Indonesian, who was the Governor of Jakarta.

Anies Baswedan defeated Ahok in the battle to become Governor of Jakarta.

On 20 April 2017, Ahok is in back in court to face trial for blasphemy.

Ahok questioned a Koranic verse that has been used by some conservative clerics to mean Muslims shouldn't vote for a Christian.

Anies Baswedan has been supported by the mad 'Islamist' militias who are said to work for the Indonesian generals who work for the CIA.

On 4th November 2016, in Jakarta, there was a demonstration which called for the imprisonment of Ahok.

Various well fed Islamists took to the streets on 4 November.

Supporting the protesters is the former general named Prabowo.

Prabowo is said to be a close friend of the Pentagon and of Israel.

Prabowo Allows Gerindra Party Members to Join Nov. 4 Protest

Former general Yudhoyono, another friend of the Pentagon, denies organising the protesters.

Yudhoyono Denies Mobilizing Protest Against Ahok

Rizieq Shihab - crypto-Jew?

The key 'Islamist' in the protests is Rizieq Shihab, who may or may not be working for the CIA, Mossad or Saudi intelligence.

Rizieq Shihab is the founder[2] and the mastermind behind the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), which is said to be run by certain generals, such as Pentagon friend General Wiranto.

Rizieq claims to be an Arab Indonesian.

He attended the Bethel Christian Middle School in Petamburan. 

"Considered by neighbors to be a troublesome youth with a penchant for getting into fighting, his family sent Rizieq to Saudi Arabia in 1990 to continue his study at King Saud University."

Rizieq - what is his sexuality?

Rizieq set up the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) on 17 August 1998, just after the CIA's toppling of President Suharto. 

Reportedly, the FPI has been used by certain generals to extract money from certain nightspots.

"Rizieq was jailed for seven months in 2003 for inciting his young, white-shirted followers, who often would hide their faces bandit-style behind handkerchiefs, to attack nightspots in Jakarta with clubs and stones."[13] 

The FPI is allied to al Qaeda and ISIS 'which are run by the CIA and its friends.'

Above, we see Rizieq and his close friend Pastor Gilbert Lumoindong.

There was a sexual abuse case linked to the family of the pastor.

Kasus Hukum Istri Pendeta Gilbert Lumoindong Dihentikan - Translate this page.

Pastor Gilbert is now in the USA.

CIA Infiltration into Churches Today.

Ahok - the Christian Chinese-Indonesian, who was Governor of Jakarta.

Ahok is a Christian.

His approval rating as Governor of Jakarta was 69%.

Wiranto - East Timor.

Ahok has been verbally attacked by the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), which has been closely linked to the Pentagon's golden boy General Wiranto.


On 1 March 2017, Saudi Arabia's King Salman arrived in Indonesia.

"King Salman will be flying in with seven planes, which include six Boeing planes and one Hercules.

"Antara news agency reports that King Salman and his entourage will be staying in four hotels during his visit in Jakarta, namely The Westin Jakarta (“Lousy experience”), Raffles Hotel Jakarta, Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Mega Kuningan and JW Marriott.

"In The Westin Jakarta, his entourage have rented 200 rooms."

10 interesting facts about King Salman's visit to Indonesia

Saudi Arabia finances the Islamists in Indonesia.

Above, we see General Joseph F. Dunford, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, and General Gatot Nurmantyo, boss of the Indonesian military.

Indonesian girl.

There is a battle for the control of Indonesia.

On the one side we have the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and their allies.

On the other side we have the moderate Christians and moderate Moslems in Indonesia, and we have China.

Saudi Arabia has been spreading its Salafi/Wahhabi religion in Indonesia.

Saudi Arabia pays for the education of many young Indonesians, sending some of them to Saudi Arabia for training.

Saudi Arabia Quietly Spreads its Brand of Puritanical Islam in Indonesia


Indonesians subjected to this 'Saudi mind-control' now occupy key positions in Indonesia's government.

Some of the 'mind-controlled' Indonesians have become preachers and teachers,

The Netherlands and the USA also offer scholarships to Indonesian students.

The Pentagon has trained most of the top Indonesian generals.

The Islamists in Indonesia are spreading anti-Chinese 'fake news'.

How Indonesia's anti-Chinese fake news problem spun out of control


Indonesian military chief General Gatot Nurmantyo reportedly sides with the Islamists, including the Islamic Defenders Front.

He is anti-China.

Indonesia's president moves to rein in 'out of control' military chief

In a 2015 booklet General Gatot Nurmantyo wrote that foreign powers were trying to infiltrate Indonesia's media, education system, Islamic organizations, corporations and political parties in order to weaken Indonesia, and seize control of its security apparatus and strategic industries.

Foreign powers are also trying to weaken Indonesia's youth by trafficking drugs and spreading a permissive culture, he wrote.

Was General Gatot referring to liberal Australians or conservative Islamists?

"In one speech, Nurmantyo predicted that a food shortage in China could trigger a flood of boat-borne refugees. He told listeners he would slaughter 10 cows and dump them into the sea to attract sharks that would devour the Chinese."

Indonesia's president moves to rein in 'out of control' military chief


According to Al Araf, director of the human rights advocacy group Imparsial, Nurmantyo's objectives are twofold: to promote his own political ambitions and to gain support for an expanded role for the military.

Indonesia's president moves to rein in 'out of control' military chief


Rizieq Shihab is the leader of Indonesia's Islam Defenders Front (FPI).

The Indonesian Catholic Students Association has filed charges against Rizieq after he questioned the existence of Jesus.

According to the Jakarta Post, Rizieq asks his audience during a sermon on Christmas Day, "If God gave birth, then who would be the midwife?"

The comment was part of a larger sermon explaining the need to prohibit Muslims from wishing Christians a merry Christmas under Sharia law.


Abshar-Abdalla is a Saudi-trained Indonesian who became disenchanted with the Salafi movement.

He says: "Although I had some short-lived enthusiasm for that simplistic theology, I found it to be puritanical at its core."

Abshar-Abdalla started to read Islamic texts which were non puritanical, including Sufi ones, and eventually founded the Liberal Islam Network (JIL) in 2001.

Saudi Arabia Quietly Spreads its Brand of Puritanical Islam in Indonesia


The Salafi/Wahhabi schools (pesantren) have trained a number of terrorists.

Zaitun Rasmin, a graduate of Medina Islamic University, was one of the chief organizers of the demonstrations against Ahok, the Christian governor of Jakarta, in late 2016.

Saudi Arabia Quietly Spreads its Brand of Puritanical Islam in Indonesia


Some Indonesians are protesting against the misogyny and child abuse associated with the Salafi/Wahhabi form of Islam and other such groups.


Nativity scenes in public places in Lebanon demonstrate the harmony between Christians and Muslims living in the country.

Nativity scenes in Lebanon show harmony.


In Indonesia, Christians pray to Allah (the Indonesian Christians' word for God)

In Indonesia, Muslims protect Christians from the extremists who are financed by wicked sections of the elite.

Above, we see two 'Christians', Hary Tanoe and Trump.

Hary Tanoe is close friends with the politicians who are using Islamic extremists to try to achieve power.

Donald Trump's best friend in Indonesia is Hary Tanoe (Hary Tanoesoedibjo).

Tanoe made a public appearance with Trump in New York in September 2015.

Trump is in many ways very similar to his Indonesian business partner Hary Tanoe.

Trump's Indonesian Business Partner Is Knee-Deep in Dirty Politics

One of Hary's daughters.

Hary Tanoe is a billionaire.

Hary Tanoe is a reality TV impresario.

Hary Tanoe runs the Miss Indonesia pageant.

Hary Tanoe is allegedly a tax avoider.

Hary Tanoe has political ambitions.

Hary Tanoe is a Christian (of Chinese origin).

Hary Tanoe (above) is a billionaire media mogul.

Hary Tanoe is close friends with the politicians who are using Islam to try to achieve power.

"Hary Tanoe created his own political party last year: the United Indonesia Party (Perindo).

"The party plans to field candidates for office, Tanoe among them, in the near future.

"The Indonesian politicians who are closest to Trump and Tanoe, Setya Novanto and Fadli Zon - the speaker and vice speaker of the House of Representatives, respectively - have warm relations with the Islamist radicals who have been organizing mass protests in Jakarta this fall against a Christian governor."

Trump's Indonesian Business Partner Is Knee-Deep in Dirty Politics

Hary Tanoe has been friends with General Wiranto, who reportedly has financed militant Islamist militias, and who is known to be close friends with the Pentagon.

Indonesia Ex-General Wiranto, accused of crimes against humanity. /Trump's Indonesian Business Partner Is Knee-Deep in Dirty Politics

Hary Tanoe and Trump plan to build two 'six-star' luxury resorts in the Bogor area of West Java and in Bali.

The Bogor resort will include a theme park, Trump's first golf course in Asia, and a brand-new toll road linking the resort to Jakarta.

Hary Tanoe is allied to Setya Novanto and Fadli Zon, the speaker and vice speaker of the House.

"Zon is a tacit supporter of the Islamic Defenders' Front (FPI), the hardline Islamist group that organized massive rallies against Jakarta’s ethnic Chinese governor this fall, and which engages in various cultural offensives like banning Santa hats from Indonesian malls.

Trump's Indonesian Business Partner Is Knee-Deep in Dirty Politics

"Before each of their big rallies, the FPI leadership met with Fadli Zon, who warmly embraced them," said Indonesian journalist Made Supriatma.

Novanto and Zon met with Trump in New York in 2015.

Novanto was caught trying to extort $4 billion from a mining company.

Hary (left) holding hands with former General Prabowo Subianto, who is allegedly a friend of the CIA and Israel.