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Donald looking fit, after a party.

Mike Crapo is an Eagle Scout.


'God says that Trump will win.'

Sam Harris: Donald Trump would be our first atheist president.

Melania looking happy.

Donald Trump decided to run after God spoke to Melania..


Are Americans easily pranked?

Adorable: Barron Trump.

Is that Mike Pence?

Barron Trump.


In 2005, Trump held a reception with guests who included Bill and Hillary Clinton, Rudolph W. Giuliani and Simon Cowell.


Trump has a home in the Caribbean.

Russian models display Trump Vodka.

Donald Trump's ties to Russia.



In 1860, the Democrats strength was in the Southern States.

Between 1860 and the early 1930s, the Republican Party was seen as being the 'liberal, progressive' party.

It  had its main strength in the North of the USA.

In the 19th Century, the Democrat Party was the 'racist', conservative party.

William Henry Seward

William Henry Seward, Republican United States Secretary of State from 1861 to 1869, described the Southern States as being backward.

Seward described the South's slave masters as being lazy and sinful.

In the South, prior to the Civil War, Seward found "exhausted soil, old and decaying towns, wretchedly neglected roads ... an absence of enterprise and improvement."

Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, who 'abolished slavery'.

Abraham Lincoln led the United States through its Civil War which lasted from 1861 to 1865.

After the Civil war, the Republicans made some attempt to reconstruct the South.

But, there was a recession, and the money ran out.

The South returned to being backward and a place with racial segregation.

The Republican Theodore Roosevelt was the President of the United States from 1901 to 1909.

He was seen as being a 'progressive'.

The Republicans controlled the North of the USA.

1936 election. Franklin Roosevelt was a Democrat.

In the 1960s, the Democrats were seen as being the 'liberal, progressive' party, and their main strength was in the North of the USA.

The Republican Party criticised the civil rights reforms of the 1960s.

Romney - Republican.

Today, the Republican Party is a nearly all-white party, with its main strength in the South and Midwest.


If the Republicans want to be certain of a win, what should they do?

1. Tell the people that the 9 11 attack was the work of a Republican government?

2. Tell the people that, under the Republican Eisenhower, the CIA carried out the mind control of Americans?

3. Tell the people that the military and CIA run the child abuse rings?

4. Transfer money from the rich 1% to the ordinary citizens?

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Constantinople - Istanbul. The Moslem Arab Empire helped the Christian Eastern Roman Empire (the Byzantine Empire) guard its frontier. But, then the Christians stopped paying their Arab allies for this protection.

The Moslems of the Arab Empire expanded their territory during the 7th Century.

Moslem texts give a misleading picture of what happened.

These texts, such as The History of the Prophets and Kings by al-Tabari, were written about 200 years after the events described.

(Source: James Wakeley at History Today, writing about Islam.)

These Moslem texts are based on stories handed down by word of mouth and sound like myths.

The above map shows the Arab Empire in Green, and the Christian Eastern Roman Empire (the Byzantine Empire) in Purple

The date is 632 AD, when Muhammad reportedly died.

The texts from the Christian Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) are more accurate than the Moslem texts.

This because the Christian texts are apparently based on written accounts from the 7th Century, rather than oral accounts from 200 years later.

"Two interesting accounts preserved in the pages of the Byzantine chroniclers Theophanes the Confessor and the Patriarch Nicephorus, for instance, tell the story of the outbreak of the seventh-century conquests in a manner that directly challenges the assumptions of the Islamic tradition ...

"There is good reason to believe that the Byzantine chroniclers rely on written evidence contemporary to the events they describe: a more stable means for the transmission of information than an oral tradition."

(Source: James Wakeley at History Today, writing about Islam.)

Constantinople, in the Eastern Roman Empire. Listverse

According to the Byzantine chroniclers, the Moslem Arabs had been paid by the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) to guard the border.

But, the Eastern Roman Empire had run out of money as the result of its war with Persia (the Sassanid Empire).

Theophanes reveals that, when the Arab allies came to collect their wages, they were dismissed empty handed by an official of the Eastern Roman Empire.

So, the Arabs decided to stop being allies of the Christians.

The Arabs, motivated by money rather than religion, decided to advance into Christian territory.

The Arabs headed for Gaza.

(Source: James Wakeley, the University of Oxford, at History Today, writing about Islam.)

The Koran specifically refers to Jews and Christians as "people of the book" who should be protected and respected.

But, the Christians of the Eastern Roman Empire had not paid up.

The Caliphate was about money, sex and power?

ISIS tucking-in to pork belly with salad and chips?

ISIS set up an Islamic caliphate, with the Syrian city of Raqqa, formerly part of the Ottoman Caliphate, as its capital.

Of course, many of the ISIS fighters are not actually Moslems.

"Reports from groups inside the city say there is growing resentment between the poor, who have been largely left to fend for themselves, and Islamic fighters, who live a life of five-star luxury."

A tale of two Caliphates - Hospitals shut; boys sent to terror-camps; ISIS fighters dine in 5 star restaurants.

The Caliphate was always about a rich boy-loving elite screwing poor Moslems.

Ottoman illustration depicting a young lad used for group sex (from Sawaqub al-Manaquib)

In the centuries following the death of Muhammad, some Muslims criticised a general "corruption" of morals in Mecca and Medina.

The gay caliph Al-Amin, a lover of eunuchs, required slave girls to be dressed as boys.[21]

The sadistic pedophile Ibrahim II of Ifriqiya had sex with his sixty young boys, some of whom he treated in a horrific manner. 

The gay Caliph al-Mutasim loved boys.

Abd al-Rahman III executed a young lad because he refused his advances. [21]

Gay caliph Mehmed the Conqueror demanded that a man named Notaras hand over his fourteen year old son to be buggered. When Notaras refused, Notaras and his son were executed.

In the Ottoman Caliphate there was plenty of love poetry of a pedophile nature.

One good thing about the Ottoman caliphs was that they protected Christians and Jews, so long as they were of the right class.

The people of the caliphate liked camels.

In the following ways, the caliphs were no different from the rulers of Christian Europe.

1. The Ottoman caliphs lived in splendid palaces surrounded by their boy and girl sex slaves. 

2. There was much fratricide within the families of the caliphs

3. Some of the caliphs were pawns of the viziers and other top officials.

4. The great mass of Moslems suffered under the caliphs.

The caliph's officials squeezed the peasants and the labourers for taxes and services.

It is possible that Muhammad lived from c. 570 - 632 AD, and that his religion was one of peace and tolerance.

It is possible that Islam was relatively obscure until it was hijacked by Abd al Malik ibn Marwan, the Arab Emperor from 685 - 705AD.

Abd al Malik ibn Marwan may have turned Islam into the official religion of his warlike empire.

The official story is that Muhammad died in 632 AD.

In 661 AD, Muawiyah I became the leader of the Arab Empire.

No mention of Muhammad or Islam can be found in any of Muawiyah's inscriptions, coins, or documents.

Islam: The Untold Story.

"There is no mention of Muhammad anywhere in stones, script, monuments, or other sources from the Middle East during his actual lifetime."

Was Caliph Abd Al-Malik the real creator and the prophet?

Apart from 'a single ambiguous reference in the Koran', there is no mention of Mecca in any datable text for a century after 'Muhammed's death'.

Islam: The Untold Story.

It is thought that the prophet who attacked Palestine was not actually Muhammad. Sira - biographies of Muhammad..

In the Koran, 'Muhammad' addresses farmers and agriculturalists while his opponents are described as keeping cattle and growing olives and vines.

The home environment described by 'Muhammad' as having farmers and agriculturalists could be in the Negev desert in Southern Israel.

There was no agriculture in Mecca.

Islam: The Untold Story.

Under the reign of the Arab Emperor Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan, Mecca may have been erroneously portrayed as Muhammad's home, in order to provide Islam with Arabian origins.

Abd al Malik ibn Marwan, the Arab Emperor from 685 - 705AD, may have been the inventor of the warlike form of Islam.

Was Caliph Abd Al-Malik the real creator and the prophet?

In 2012, the historian Tom Holland produced a TV documentary for the UK's Channel 4 which said:

1. There is little evidence to support the 'official' story of Muhammad.

2. There are questions about when the Koran was written.

3. Mecca may not have been the birthplace of Muhammad.

Holland asked why it took several decades after the death of Muhammad for his name to appear on surviving documents or artifacts.

Holland claimed that much of the story of Muhammad was developed some time after the death of Muhammad.

Islam - The Untold Story - on Vimeo. / The Search for Muhammad: Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan.

According to the official story, the prophet Muhammad's mother was Aminah, who claimed to be descended from Abraham, and who was reportedly Jewish.

Muhammad the Jew

The original Kaaba was at some point dedicated to Hubal, a Nabatean deity, and contained 360 idols. 

Reportedly, Muhammad decided to reject idol-worship and adopt the Jewish religion.

Safiyah, one of Muhammad's Jewish wives.

Two of Prophet Muhammad's wives were Jewish.

"Muhammad clearly saw himself as part of the Jewish tradition. …

"Islam was a radical call back to the basic values of the Torah and even talmudic stories."

Muhammad bio

The Dome of the Rock marks the spot from which Muhammad is believed to have ascended to heaven.[92]

Muhammad regarded himself as the last prophet of the Jewish-Christian tradition.

The Koran is based mainly on the Old Testament.

Muhammad required that his followers were kosher.

Muhammad required that his followers keep the fast of Yom Kippur.

Muhammad required that his followers be circumcised.

Muhammad required that his followers pray facing Jerusalem.

The Prophet Mohammed, a Jewish Messiah.

Muhammad only fell out with the Jews when they refused to accept him as their prophet.


It was not until the 19th century that the terms homosexual (1869) and heterosexual (1892) were invented.

Molly, gay, transsexual, transgender: LGBT words transition.

Majority of football fans would support gay players at their club, poll.


McDonalds released a video advertisement in Taiwan featuring a boy coming out to his father, AdWeek reports.

A poll conducted by the Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice, found that 60% of the public approve of same-sex marriage.

Mormon and gay: church says you can be both.


The Ultimate Wedding Party, shows pairs of heterosexual and same-sex couples dancing at a reception.

Gay Ads.



Meet The Gay Republicans Running For Congress.

Charles Moran and Juan Hernandez were both at the front of the crowd when Peter Thiel, the most high profile gay Trump supporter, took the stage at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Moran calls Trump "the best candidate that the LGBT community has ever seen come out of the Republican Party."

Why are these gay Republicans proudly backing Trump for president?